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Zachary Levi Interview – Baltimore Comic Con 2018

Zachary Levi has played Chuck Bartowski in Chuck and appeared in films such as Tangled, Thor: The Dark World, and Thor: Ragnarok.

Levi voiced Flynn Rider in Tangled and was cast as Shazam in Shazam!, which is scheduled to be released April 5, 2019.

Zachary speaks about his unique place in nerd culture, his career trajectory, what he wants to do after acting and much more. Footage taken at Baltimore Comic Con.

0:00:59 – “What does engaging with fans do for you?”
0:04:30 – Zachary’s birthday shoutout
0:05:05 – Behind the cross-eyed “Chuck Face”
0:05:45 – Why ZL HATES boomerangs
0:08:30 – The sign language interpreter is AWESOME
0:09:30 – ZL hasn’t seen every episode of Chuck
0:10:50 – “Do you plan on doing more musical work in the future?”
0:12:15 – ZL’s musical theater background/education

0:00:00 – “What project have you had the most creative input on?”
0:03:08 – ZL is “the dumbest of dumb dumbs”
0:03:31 – “How would you like Shazam to be introduced in the Justice League / Greater DC cinematic universe?”
0:05:11 – ZL’s thoughts on comic book crossovers
0:06:07 – “What’s your favorite scene that you shot in Chuck?”
0:08:07 – “Would you consider reviving Chuck?”
0:09:12 – “What’s the most valuable lesson you learned from your theater experience?”
0:11:30 – Behind the scenes on ZL’s appearance on the Psych movie as the villain
0:12:56 – ZL deals with a VERY awkward fan
0:14:18 – Potential Shazam sequel, kicking Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ass

0:00:00 – Favorite line from Tangled
0:01:30 – Who is the love interest in Shazam?
0:01:58 – Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
0:03:31 – “What’s it like going from a role in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel to something like Shazam?”
0:05:01 – Reflecting on his career
0:06:51 – Heartfelt moment with a young fan
0:08:53 – “If you had clones, what would you have your clones do?”
0:11:05 – Technology teacher asks about children emphasizing coding and information systems over glorifying athletics

0:00:00 – On being commonly confused with John Krasinski
0:02:42 – “Best case scenario, what does the rest of your life look like?”
0:06:48 – “Would it be safe to assume Shazam/Billy Batson’s favorite movie is Tangled?”
0:08:06 – “You seem to gravitate towards supernatural / sci-fi roles, what would you say is the draw of that?”
0:12:26 – “What do you think of my cosplay?”
0:14:00 – ZL on Flynn Rider’s characterization/motivation

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