Panic Button Will Port Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to Switch

(1/22/18) – Bethesda announced today via Twitter that they are partnering with game studio Panic Button (DOOM, Rocket League ports) to bring their most recent title, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to the Nintendo Switch. The initial port announcement was made around 4 months ago, but the “who” and “when” was not clear at the time.

Panic Button confirmed the announcement, saying they are excited to be working with Bethesda and Machine Games.

If you are happy with the DOOM and Rocket League ports, expect a similar level of quality to translate to Wolfenstein.

Panic Button’s About page:

We create high-quality content, making original properties and offering co-development, ports, work-for-hire, and specialized skills such as high-end, low-level optimization and rendering.

Founded in 2007 by industry veterans, Panic Button is a video game studio doing a bunch of unique work (console, future hardware, VR, PC, and mobile). At our core, we’re a reputation-based studio that takes on challenging work, and we deliver on our commitments.

We have a solid history as an agile game developer specializing in co-development, ports, full game production, and original IP.

We have great relationships with the massive talent pool available locally and around the world, letting us quickly meet project needs.

Whether we’re working on your projects or our projects, the goal is to make every piece of everything we touch better because we are part of it.

We fill our days working with great people – Professional, talented, and personable Staff, Clients, and Partners who want to do big things together, and this creates a lot of opportunity in the diversity and flexibility of studio projects.

In our previous lives, we’ve worked on multiple titles (from Turok to Disney Epic Mickey) on multiple platforms (including current consoles, mobile platforms, and upcoming hardware).

We are registered developers for Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Apple, and Android. We work with several partners, including Microsoft Studios, BioWare, and Twisted Pixel.

We use a wide range of internal tech solutions and licensed middleware packages, tailored to suit the needs of our partners, budgets, and projects.

Panic Button is located in Austin, Texas.

Neither studio announced a release date, but the last line of the tweet could signal that a release date announcement is imminent.

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