The Business of Butt Jokes – PAX Unplugged 2018

Rob DenBleyker (Cyanide & Happiness, Joking Hazard) along with Tom Dyke (Cards Against Humanity), Trin Garritano (Kickstarter, Asmadi Games), and Adi Slepack (Co-creator, Someone Has Died) seek to educate you on the fine art of butt jokes, by discussing the absurd amount of work that goes into crafting a dirty quip. Panelists will also take questions and suggestions from the audience, attempting to make your bad jokes work on the fly.

Panelists: Rob DenBleyker [Co-Creator, Cyanide & Happiness], Tom Dyke [Director of Events, Cards Against Humanity], Trin Garritano [Co-Founder, Friendshipping Podcast, Digital Games Outreach, Kickstarter], Maya Coleman [Community Manager, Secret Hitler, Inhuman Conditions, Trogdor], Adi Slepack [Co-creator, Someone Has Died]

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