Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Isn’t A Gacha Game?

(1/19/18) Riichiro Yamada, Producer (SEGA) was featured in a video letter today detailing the monetization model and design of ATLUS’ upcoming new mobile game: Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation.

Yamada started off by posing the question: “Why is Dx2 not a Gacha game?” A Gacha game is one that involves acquiring characters or items through chance via loot box microtransactions to monetize it.

Source: セガゲームス公式アプリ (YouTube)

He outlines the video up front by stating 3 main takeaways:

  1. The reasons it’s not a Gacha game
  2. The benefits of summoning
  3. The business policies of Dx2

Why is Dx2 Not a Gacha Game?

1. “It’s not designed that way. If I can generalize the consumer behavior of freemium game players, it breaks down into two groups:”

  • Players that invest time into developing their characters -> More common in foreign countries
  • Players that pull for new characters -> More common domestically in Japan
Source: セガゲームス公式アプリ (YouTube)

Yamada states that he believes if a game is designed for the latter group of people that pulls for all the new characters, it should be classified as a Gacha game. He believes that Dx2 is designed with the former type of player in mind that invests time rather than pulling for new characters. A note reads that all of the demons in the game can reach 6 star rarity and there are various breeding elements; however, they take time to achieve.

Source: セガゲームス公式アプリ (YouTube)

2. There are negotiations and fusions.

Yamada goes on to say that the player can negotiate with or fuse most demons. “In most games, if you don’t pull, you can’t get certain characters. In this one, you can attain most demons and make them stronger through fusions.”  However, to create a high grade demon, a large amount of the “Magnetite” item is required.

To summarize:

  • There are time-shortening training elements you can pay for.
  • There are strong demons you can only attain through summoning; however, the player can also create strong demons through fusion as well.
Source: セガゲームス公式アプリ (YouTube)

There are many items available to shorten the time investment required:

  • Experience Booster: Boosts experience after battle
  • Reiko Crystal: Awakening without using materials
  • Yata’s Mirror: Reincarnation (Rarity UP) material
  • Yasaka’s Magatama: Grants skill inhertiance points
  • Kusanagi’s Blade: Experience value gained by fusion
  • Magnetite: Material required for fusion
  • Makka: Strengthen a mark

Event items similar to the above will also be attainable on a limited-time basis. The items are available for the player if they don’t want a large time investment.

Dx2 is a freemium mobile game releasing in Japan the week of January 22, 2018. Shin Megami Tensei is the series that the Persona games were spun off of.

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  1. Making most of the good demons gacha only made this game become more and more pay to win though.
    (1) You need a lot of time and farm to get the “best non gacha only demons”
    (2) Most of the best demon ended up being Gacha Only

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