Justin’s Games Review Policy

Here’s an example of my review badge at the end of my game reviews:

Bioshock earns about four stars on a scale of five.

My scores are very broad and should not be the focus of the review. It’s purposely vague and unceremonious. The scale is one to five, with no half stars given. The less granular the better. The score indicates the overall feel of an experience rather than subtracting points for every flaw. Use it more like a color swatch and less like a report card. For example, a flawless, good game may score lower than a deeply-flawed, yet transcendent experience.

1 star – Broken, bad. (Pretty rare)

2 stars – Not that into it, maybe cool, though.

3 stars – Cool. Very cool, even.

4 stars – Awesome. This is totally sweet.

5 stars – Transcendant, rarified. (Pretty rare)

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