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DIY Japanese Game Show on your Phone! Siri-ous Syllabification 

Learn how to play a DIY Japanese style game show with just your phone! We take a hard left and break from our scheduled programming to bring you a Siri-centric, lost in translation game. Rules: Get Japanese Siri to understand the words to her satisfaction.

To preface this, the host should be bilingual in the language that you are going to play in. The contestant should not be fluent in that language.


1. Change Siri to a language of your choosing under Settings > Siri > Language. We chose Japanese!

2. The host decides on a few words/phrases in that foreign language that you want your contestant to try to pronounce. The more difficult the word, the more laughs you’re sure to get!

3. Long press the home button, and watch the contestant squirm uncomfortably and laugh with or at them!

4. The contestant gets 5 attempts.

a. On attempts 1 and 2, contestant must try to pronounce the word without hearing the word and must rely on the visual, written word only.

b. After attempt 3, the host says the word once to give the contestant a clue.

c. On attempts 4 and 5, the host may repeat the words and provide additional guidance on the nuances of the syllables and emphasis.

d. If the contestant fails on all 5 attempts, the host has a chance to steal the round. The host has 1 attempt for Siri to recognize the word.

e. If the host fails on their single attempt, the contestant takes the round back and wins a point.

5. Play to a designated amount of rounds. We played best of 3 rounds!

BONUS: To up the stakes, designate a punishment for the loser. Take a shot of Tabasco, eat a dab Wasabi, dumb ice water on your head. It’s a common practice in Japanese comedy shows known as Batsu Game (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batsu_game).

You can view a video demonstration of this game at the top of this page.



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