Final Fantasy X/X-2 and XII The Zodiac Age Release Dates Announced for Switch

Nintendo unveiled release dates for Square Enix’s ports of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered (April 16, 2019) and Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (April 30, 2019) today via Twitter.

The titles are also coming to Xbox One but Nintendo fans are excited in particular since a mainline Final Fantasy titles hasn’t appeared on a Nintendo platform since the original Final Fantasy was ported to the Nintendo 3DS in 2014, and before that, Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS in 2007. It’s been far and few in between.

The news, however, seemed to be overshadowed by a large response of Twitter users disappointed that this was not the next Nintendo Direct announcement, which was rumored to occur today. With the holiday season and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate out the door, people are excited to find out more details about what’s on the slate for Switch in 2019.

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