Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

In Pop Culture Bento #39, we discuss the live action Gundam movie announcement, our Steam summer sale hauls, Slay the Spire, and analyze the most recent Star Wars film.
29:40: Solo Non-spoiler Review
38:39: Solo Spoiler Review
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  1. Always LOVE listening to the three of you…I always learn something new:)

    Regarding the dichotomy of futuristic technology such as transportation and weapons, but yet traveling to see each other face-to-face or using “flash drives” to relay messages, you have to remember that spying is the second oldest profession in the universe. We’re talking about rebellion, cloak & dagger, and lives at risk…and ultimately trust kind of things. Meeting face-to-face is about trust and flash drives about not being on a network that can be intercepted 😉

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