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Small Press Expo 2017 Interviews – Creator Debuts & Highlights

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special episode dedicated to the artists exhibiting at Small Press Expo 2017. This is a series of rapid fire interviews focusing on cartoonists, illustrators, writers, and more that I encountered at the show. If you’re at all interested in comic books, graphic novels, art books, fanzines, and etc, you’re going to dig it. Enjoy!
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Show Notes:
[1:57] Lapse, Alyssa Alecci [3:05] Seamus and Abbie, Izzy Ross [4:08] Kamikaze, Carrie Tupper & Alan Tupper [5:59] The Interstellar Hotel, Avi Roberts  [6:35] Manifesto/Pistol Grip, Kalani Carballo [8:10] Rejected Princesses, Jason Porath [10:20] Swamphouse Homebrew, Swamphouse Press [13:53] Liminality, E Jackson [15:20] Squid Maids, Alex Zandra Van Chestein [18:19] Restless Minds – Nightmares, Juston McKee [19:29] The Longest Monday, Shan Murphy [20:37] Shrekless, Sarah Burns [21:40] Escapism, Sasha Kimiatek [23:00] Skeleton Sword Fights!, Josh Welling
[23:54] Rank, Profession, or Occupation – Excerpts from Britain’s 1881 Census., Megan James [24:19] A to Zuul, Stephan Darteville [24:34] Peafowl, Erin Bushnell [24:50] Meltin Pot, Christine Fouron [26:24] The Promise, Felix Yin [28:04] My Own Temple, Moaz Elemam [29:32] You Would Like Her, Nicole Maria Willis [30:13] Mechanized, Jerel Dye [31:54] Vestigia, Ashanti Fortson [33:37] The Guest House, Jon Mastantuono

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