Black Panther Review

It’s our silver podcast episode! Celebrate with the boys as they tackle the Toys R Us closure, reminisce about Tomb Raider, and review Black Panther.

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  1. Yes, loved the movie! When most of us audience goers probably knew or sensed that T’Challa would lose the throne challenge against his bloodline nemesis, we were interested to see how the movie would play out. Well done!

    Then when the nemesis won and assumed the role of king, there was a struggle for everyone to decide whether to be loyal and follow him or not. This is very real right now in America. Many are struggling as American citizens, military members, federal gov’t employees, and the like to be loyal to any sitting president because of the position vice the person. And this is true whether currently Trump to previous Obama going all the way back to Clinton when I believe the dynamics really changed.

    Finally, it was great that T’Challa showed true leadership when he went to the first challenger and they created an alliance to overthrow the nemesis king.

    1. Excellent point! We didn’t discuss that on the show but that’s a great theme and a valid reading of it!

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