This Week’s News: Star Wars IX, Cyberpunk 2077, and L.A. Noire Discussion

Jack and Justin discuss J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars Episode IX, concerns about Cyberpunk 2077’s scale, and the L.A. Noire remaster announcement.

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Show notes: [1:08] Abrams in Star Wars IX [10:55] Cyberpunk 2077 [21:08] L.A. Noire Remaster

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  1. I take pride in saying I’m young enough to admit I was in line in 1977 to see Star Wars (Episode 4) in theaters. At that time and in my mind, the title had a singular meaning, “a battle in space.” Today as I watch what is the Star Wars Empire, the title has a double entendre — Star meaning standout or to guide while battle means struggle. In essence, as “they” try to continue Star Wars as a standout, guiding light, there is a struggle at so many levels: business leaders, movie makers, and the viewing audience.

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