Thor: Ragnarok Review

It’s our first three person episode! Jack, Brad, and Justin all sound off to give their impressions of the latest entry into the Thor series, step through the themes, notable moments, read listener mail, and discuss the implications for other MCU films moving forward.
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Show notes:  [3:36] Featured Review: Thor: Ragnarok (Non-Spoilers) [19:04] SPOILERS Discussion

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  1. Thanks to Apogeeks for another great discussion on a great movie — Thor: Ragnarok! I really appreciate how the three of you highlighted the difference in approach and storytelling between Marvel and DC. I agree that DC made a mistake using Batman’s black paint to color over Superman’s red, white, and blue. DC is doing better in choosing the right colors with Wonder Woman and the Justice League movies.

    In addition to what each of you shared about Ragnorak, I found the use of Biblical themes interesting:
    – Thor as the Jesus figure, paying for everyone’s sins though he’s done nothing wrong, recruiting followers/”disciples”, fighting evil, giving people hope, and taking people to the promised land. Even the image of him on your page shows his arms spread, like being on the cross.
    – There was story telling similar to parting of the Red Sea to get to the Promised Land
    – There was the “ark” they all boarded to escape
    – Jeff Goldblum, great actor who always plays the sensible, intellectual character with comedic relief does a great job of being the “devil” or at least devilish

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