Paris Games Week 2017 Playstation Showcase Recap

Jack and Justin recap Sony’s Playstation media showcase at Paris Games Week 2017. Topics include a maturing gaming industry, 80s resurgence, the convergence of narrative and player choice, and much more!
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Show notes: [1:56] Paris Games Week Overview [6:40] Ghost of Tsushima [11:44] The Last Of Us: Part 2 [25:37] Marvel’s Spider-Man [28:25] Blood & Truth [33:45] God of War [41:29] Erica [44:45] Onrush [45:34] Desiny 2: Curse of Osiris [46:38] Call of Duty: WWII [48:36] Detroit: Become Human [55:19] Concrete Genie [59:42] Monster Hunter: World [1:01:31] Far Cry 5 [1:02:28] The Hong Kong Massacre [1:03:29] The Gardens Between [1:05:37] Oure

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