Cole Sprouce & KJ Apa Interview / Q&A — Riverdale Panel, Awesome Con 2019

The cast of Riverdale discuss their exciting careers and answer audience questions. Footage taken at Awesome Con 2019 in the Walter E. Washington Convention in Washington, D.C.

(0:00) Your manager, agent comes to you and says, ‘OK there’s this show, and it’s based on the Archie comics but we’re going to add a lot more sex and murder. What was your first reaction?

(2:08) What’s it like being an adult, but playing teenagers in high school?

(3:36) Whats the most unique fan fiction or rule 34 you’ve seen on the internet?

(4:45) What was your favorite scene to film?

(5:40) What are your plans for break before season 4 filming starts?

(7:47) What was your favorite episode to film?

(8:39) Since you did a couple musical episodes, who did you think was the best singer and the worst singer?

(9:29) [Cole] Did you ever swap with your twin brother during university?

(10:14) [Cole] Are you at all interested in the Smash Brothers community and if so, would you or your brother be interested in doing a livestream 1v1 / Fox-only / Final Destination thing?

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