Pop Culture Bento is Japanese owned and operated. We’re passionate about the intersection of western and J-culture. Meet the folks that make it happen:

Jack Russell, Editor-in-chief (@JRussTerrier)

Jack founded PCB in February of 2017 and treats it like his son. The blog didn’t end up taking the shape of what he initially envisioned, but it was for the better. And what kid ever does? He loves JRPGs, anime, and everything sci-fi.

Jack does all the video, coordinates all the content and liaises with partners, sponsors, devs, publishers, press, you name it—to give the site ammo to work with for our reviews, cons, and news.

Justin Russell, Editor & Co-Host (@JHRussell94)

Don’t let the image fool you—Justin is a very distinct thinker and brings the heavy-hitting analysis and insight to the podcast. You’ll also see him helping out with various reviews and feature articles. His appreciation of video games, film, and criticism gives our content a unique spin.

Brad McGuinness, Co-Host (@BradleyMcGuinn2)

Brad, A.K.A. “The Weeb You Need.” His nickname should say it all—this guy loves anime and manga like it’s no one’s business. He’s also our resident Marvel comics subject matter expert and is a walking Marvel wiki. He’s one of our podcast regulars and captures bangin’ interviews and photography at cons.

Sasha Duran, Press Assistant (@sashanako)

Sasha has her own paranormal comedy podcast called Spoop Hour. But when she’s not busy with that, she’ll travel with us to events to film and streamline logistics/technical production of our con coverage. Her fandom of Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and Katamari Damacy knows no bounds.

Robby Townsend, Movies Editor (@RWT_writes)

The newest addition to the PCB family. Robby’s a sports writer with a huge interest in everything film so we’re really excited to have him join us to create movie editorial content for the website. You can find him regularly contributing to our movie and video game podcasts.

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